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White houses, wonderful beaches, delicious food, boat trips and relaxing cocktails at the Castle of the island!

Ancient map of Astypalaia

Astypalaia on the map, looks like a butterfly!

It radiates Cycladic charm ... although it does not belong to the Cyclades, but to the Dodecanese!

White houses with courtyards overflowing with blooming bougainvillea, blue windows and balconies, amphitheatrically built on two hills.

1. History

According to mythology, Astypalaia and Europe were daughters of Phoenician and Perimedes.

In ancient times it was particularly prosperous, while during the Hellenistic era Astypalaia was a port, a station of the Ptolemies of Egypt.

In the Byzantine era it was used as a naval base, where the Castle was built.

Astypalaia History
Astypalaia Country

2. The Country

At a distance of about 400 meters on foot, is the town (capital) of the island with windmills, where you will find cafes, bars, taverns and shops.

At the top of Chora the imposing Castle of Astypalaia or Astropalia as the locals call it dominates the scenes. There, you will discover hidden treasures, as you wander the narrow alleys of the island going up to the castle.

3. Beaches

The beaches of the island are many, organized and free, accessible by car or only on foot.

Pera Gialos beach is the closest beach to Chora, just 200 meters from Primrose Apartments.

For adventure lovers, going up from Chora to the prophet Elias, you will meet the beach of Ai Giannis of Makris.

To get there, you will have to cross a dirt road by car and then follow a long and difficult hiking trail.

The organized beach Livadi, is about 1.5 km from the accommodation, while very close is the beach of Agios Vassilis and Tzanakia.



Agios Konstantinos Beach - Astypalaia


The beach of Agios Konstantinos is on the same side of the island, where you will find a tavern and a beach bar.

Vatses is another wonderful beach of our island, where there is a beach bar while in Kaminakia you will find a tavern.

It is worth visiting the free beach of Ai Giannis Richtis. The access is not easy but the scene will compensate you.

Steno Beach - Astypalaia


At the narrowest point of the island, there is a beach called Small Steno, a small, unorganized beach.

Next to Small Steno is the Big Steno, a large organized beach with golden sand and shallow waters, where you will find a canteen and a cafe-restaurant.

Golden San Beach - Astypalaia


Chrysi Ammos is a free beach with golden sand where you will definitely need to bring your umbrella with you.

Plakes is a free beach suitable for diving, and to get there you have to follow the main road.

Maltezana Beach - Astypalaia


On the other side of the island, you will find the organized beach of Maltezana and Schinondas, where you will find cafes and taverns.

The Blue Harbor is the hidden treasure of Maltezana. It is a very closed cove and to get there, you have to go down a few rocks.

4. Food

Wherever you are, in a tavern of Chora or on a beach, every meal is delicious and homemade, as if eating at the home of a local.

The menu of Astypalea is definitely dominated by fresh fish and seafood, but do not miss other local dishes, such as lambriano (stuffed lamb), ardista (local dish based on lentils) and pouches with chlori (fried dough pouches with cheese).

Kitrinokouloura (yellow cookies) are one more of the traditional specialties of the island and owe their taste and aroma to the saffron, while if you want something sweet, ask for "xerotigana" (sweet doubles with local honey).

astypalaia food
excursions astypalaia islands

5. Excursions

Maltezana (or Analipsi), is the second largest settlement on the island, an ideal place to combine food with the sea.

If you still want to see how magical the most remote parts of Astypalea are, go to Vathi. A cove that looks like a lake, with a wonderful little tavern.

Every day boats depart from Pera Gialos and Maltezana to the islands located east of Astypalea.

First stop is the beach of Koutsomytis and further Kounoupes, two islands connected by a narrow strip of sand.

6. How to get to Astypalaia

By plane

By boat